Client Testimonies:

“At Birth Choice, I immediately felt like the staff really cared about me, and I wouldn’t have to walk through my pregnancy alone.” – Birth Choice Client

Volunteer Testimonies:

BC Volunteers_800“I was inspired to get more involved with the pro-life movement… I realized that while prayer is important, our society has a severe need for servants out in the world promoting a pro-life message and ministering to those who feel like abortion is their only option.” - Emily Kelly, Client Advocate
“Abortion is absolutely the greatest human rights violation of our time, so it was more a question of how to get involved rather than if I should get involved. As a Catholic and a medical professional, I can’t deny the humanity of unborn children, and so I can’t deny the call to help them however and whenever I can.” - Catherine Buskmiller, Client Advocate and RN
“Two words come to mind upon reflection on volunteering at Birth Choice: community and service. Most notable to me is that these two words represent the gains I have received versus what I believe I have given. To be a part of such a loving and dedicated staff and to be among such beautiful and wonderful women and families has been a true gift to me. I am thankful to be a part of this mission. Plus I am able to share this experience with my oldest daughter which enriches this opportunity beyond words.” - Erin (and Bridget) Hamway, Class Instructors
“I am involved because men need to hear an alternative narrative about their role in choosing life.” - Stephen Lopke, Male Client Advocate

Donor Testimonies:

Ritchie Family“We support Birth Choice because we want everyone to have the opportunity to see what a blessing life can be. We want people to understand that they can be supported by a community when they have to make hard choices. We want our faith to be tangible both in giving and receiving.” - Beth and Robert Ritchie, Patrons of Life