Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness

Are you looking for away to combat abortion and promote the culture of life?

This is your opportunity.

Birth Choice is in need of consistent monthly support to provide free life-affirming services for clients to ensure those experiencing unexpected pregnancies have support, education, and resources. Given the current climate women in unexpected pregnancies are now being bombarded with cultural pressures to abort. This is our chance to help protect LIFE, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness for the unborn!

The Birth Choice approach to combating abortion is loving, professional, and effective. Birth Choice recognizes that every person has intrinsic value and innate dignity from conception until natural death. We also understand the challenging circumstances their clients find themselves in and know they deserve the most loving and professional experience possible when trying to make a crucial lifelong decision. All of our services are free of charge. These services include FREE pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, classes, counseling, materials and more.

Birth Choice relies on the generosity of people who feel called to support the most fundamental rights – the right to live and the right to be free. Our refined process encounters clients first with the medical team to assess the medical needs surrounding their pregnancy and addressing those needs with appropriate care and consideration.

This includes education, pregnancy tests and limited ultrasounds. Birth Choice then introduces a skilled and professionally trained client advocate who is equipped with the crisis counseling methodology of motivational interviewing. This model is designed to support someone in navigating the path towards their decision for life by giving them tools to identify their problems and solutions themselves. Having implemented this method over the past year, Birth Choice has seen an increase in life decisions —and you can be a part of it.

Giving online is easy and fast, and your support will make a real difference. We appreciate your help!